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Hyatt CEO says Airbnb has actually helped the hotel giant grow
Source: CNBC / Jeff Cox / 10 November 2017

Hyatt Hotels discovers card data breach at 41 properties
Source: Reuters / Reuters Staff / 13 October 2017

Hilton hotels senior executive dismisses Airbnb as a ‘lodging’ company; says Hilton is more about hospitality
Source: CNBC / Lucy Handley / 21 September 2017

S’porean investor Ted Fang eyes investment in RM1.8bil Sabah project
Source: The Star / M.Hafidz Mahpar / 20 July 2017

Why boutique hotels are so big in not-so-big cities
Source: CNBC/ Julie Satow / 26 June 2017 / Photo by: Kate Medley, New York Times

Trends reshaping China’s hospitality industry
Source: Asian Hotel & Catering Times / Simon Chivers / 12 June 2017

Singapore swing: city’s property market shows signs of recovery
Source: The Financial Times / Dan F Stapleton / 5 May 2017 / Photo by Fraser Hall /

In glitzy Singapore, hotels' success recipe now is being mid-scale
Source: The Straits Times / 10 February 2017 / Photo by Kua Chee Siong

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